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  • $250.00 Lincoln Ewe
    'Dolly' is our incredible white Lincoln Ewe.  She has wonderful fiber with exceptional crimp.  'Dolly's' fiber is available in both washed locks and pin draft roving.Breeding Female.

  • $15,000.00 Firestorm
    Our beautiful 'Firestorm' produces incredible alpaca crias like 'Firefly' and 'Vulcan'.  These babies are sired by award winning 'Calypso Cloud'.Breeding Female - Pregnant by Calypso Cloud, due in late Spring 2012

  • $300.00 Fiber Rabbits
    We have a lovely pair of registered Giant German/French Angora rabbits.  These does live together peacefully in the same enclosure.  'Lily' is black and 'Snow' is white.  They yield beautiful angora fiber for...

  • $250.00 Columbia Ewe
    'Snowflake' has a very sweet disposition.  She is a Columbia ewe and has exceptional fiber.  'Snowflake' is featured in a number of our wool fiber products and blends.Breeding Female.

  • $125.00 Nubian Buck
    Xavier' is a stunning, ADGA registered, pure-bred Nubian Buck.  He has fathered outstanding kids with excellent conformation, coloring, and disposition. At stud.

  • $250.00 Nubian Milker Does
    ADGA registered pure-bred Nubian Does - all proven milkers.  These girls are wonderful mothers and great milkers.Multi-animal, 4H, FFA, & Grange Discounts.

  • $150.00 Lincoln Ram
    Our stately Lincoln Ram, 'Dodge', has rich, varigated, natural grey fiber.  His fiber is available in both washed locks and pin-draft roving in our fiber section. At stud.

  • $150.00 Nubian Does
    We have lovely does born in 2009 and 2010 that would enhance any herd. Multi-animal, 4H, FFA, & Grange Discounts.

  • $200.00 White Angora Does
    Pink noses and long, luxurious white locks!!  That's just how our Angora Goat Does look.  And they produce silky, shiny Mohair fiber.Breeding Female.

  • $100.00 Nubian Goats - Juveniles
    We have 1 doeling and 2 wethers available that were born in April, 2011.  These are wonderful, social kids perfect for pets, 4H, garden helpers and the like.Multi-animal, 4H, FFA, & Grange Discounts.

  • $1,000.00 Whiskers
    'Whiskers' is a wonderful, reddish-brown Huacaya Alpaca.  His fiber spins into a rich, natural color yarn.Non-breeder.

  • $225.00 Grey Angora Does
    Meet our delightful natural grey Angora Does.  These ladies are proven mothers and produce exquisite curly grey Mohair locks.Breeding Female.

  • $2,500.00 Jeff Jones
    Jeff' is a dedicated Guardian llama with a gentle, friendly disposition.  He also produces excellent fiber.Non-breeder.

  • $12,500.00 Vulcan
    'Vulcan' is our exquisite alpaca herdsire.  He is a 'Calypso Cloud' son with luxurious black fiber.At stud.

  • $5,000.00 Phantom
    'Phantom' is a tall Huacaya Alpaca herdsire.  He yields loads of rich, natural black fiber.At stud.

  • $12,000.00 Firefly
    Lovely 'Firefly' produces incredible chocolate brown fiber.  A daughter of champion 'Calypso Cloud'.Breeding Female.

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